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Monday, July 2, 2012

AdHitz: Best Ads For Bloggers

We know all Adsense, Adbrite, and other ad networks that pays high are pretty tiring. Although it is highest paying in the industry, if it do not accepts small time bloggers like us, what's supposed to be that greatness for? For pros? No way. Register Here

Here's one Advertising networks im studying for a week, and ofcourse, using it too on my blogs and websites. AdHitz.

AdHitz http://adhitz.com
Unlike any other ad networks, naming Adbrite, AdSense, Chitika, etc. this company do not want you to wait too long. In fact, it will automatically approve you! It will start to show ads based on your keywords submitted via registration.

Just generate and set-up ad settings, generate codes, copy paste to your website or blog and you are ready to go!

How it works?
Advertisers will rent your website space to show ads for a period of time like what AdBrite does. Small time blogger? No worry buddy, AdHitz show ads even though there is no advertiser who will advertise on your site. In that case, AdHitz unique CPC payrates will handle.

AdHitz CPC rates (Cost per click)
US -- $0.14
Canada -- $0.12
UK -- $0.12
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Payment Method
Payza (Alertpay)
minimum threshold: 25$

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